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Contact us and we will arrange a meeting to explain how we work and proceed with the enrolment process.

Simple Management

Use our Site Testing platform you can set your availability and manage all your documents online.

We Sell Your Service

We connect you with a whole new stream of clients looking to gain from your valuable experience and skills.

You Carry Out The Test

You deliver the testing service, just as you did before. Every client is your client, not just ours.

Get Paid in 7 Days

You keep 95% of the testing fee. This minimal 5% allows us to cover the admin side of operations.

Our Services

Revenue Growth

Access local customers who may have not been accessible before.

Site Testing Platform

Our custom made testing platform allows you to log all your work, create site reports, store all your data, auto-schedule your days, vehicle tracking and much more.

Total Flexibility

You’re in charge – from the number of days you want to work, to the hours you want to work. We allocate work based on your availability.

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