Thermal Imaging of Building Fabric

What is Thermal imaging of building fabric?

Infrared thermal imaging provides an invaluable insight into what is going on in areas of a building you would not normally be able to access. Our non-invasive thermal imaging services are used to check thermal bridging issues, air leakage points, cavity wall failure in existing and new buildings, both domestic and commercial. We can also find areas of water ingress into the building fabric and leaks in plumbing & heating systems.
Thermal Imaging or ‘Thermography’ has a variety of application across many industries from building and construction to medicine, electrical engineering and renewable energy. The thermal image camera allows the human eye to see infra-red radiation and record clear pictures allowing interrogation, fault finding and analysis.
Infra-red thermography can efficiently detect building and/or design faults that lead to energy losses, allowing cost-effective remedial work to be undertaken with minimal disruption.
Thermal imaging cameras are the perfect tool for locating and identifying building failures because they reveal that which would otherwise remain invisible.


Providing peace of mind at critical stages of the build when remedial action can still be easily taken: